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Newsletter Issue # 35
July 2019




We want to thank everyone who attended, supported and contributed to our first Caribbean Heritage Cultural Gala. The Gala was a massive success and it was made possible with your support. Our Carnival Season is officially here, we look forward to seeing you in the Mas Camp and on the road!



Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world.” “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” “Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front.” Nelson Mandela. These passionate words have inspired our agency given our 36 years of existence to reimagine our goals and will them into existence. Positive themes like Love, and Abundance, shape our vision and inspire us all to see past our current and past selves and propel us far into our future selves fulfilling our true purpose in life.

We have woven our vision into our theme for the 2019 Labor Day presentation, presented at our Annual Cultural Gala held this past June for Caribbean Heritage Month Celebration. Afro Caribbean Dance, Steel Pan, Soca and Calypso graced our stage while our models in costumes brought our Visions to life.

Servicing over 500 summer campers and delivering to 600 of our youth, the opportunity to begin their career’s here at Sesame Flyers through our Summer Youth Employment Program continues to be a major investment of resources toward our collective future both economically and culturally. A journey that will reap priceless dividends as far as the eye can see.

Our Cultural Gala and ongoing fundraising efforts including our Carnival Costume sales for Labor Day are the engines that allow us to meet the 20% match that our grants demand. Time and Wisdom has finally taught us that City Funding will only pay $.80 of every $1.00 we need to spend to fully support city and grant funding. The City and our funders know this and come to rely on our “skin in the game” investment to make their investments in community programs work.

Retelling our story to all who take the time to read and listen continues to be a big part of our tradition keeping us alive and our future relevant. We were honored for the opportunity to tell a summary of our story to Sandra Bookman of “Here and Now”, on ABC and Daren Jaime of “Perspectives” on Bronxnet for an extended version.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust in our leadership and Vision for the larger Caribbean diaspora and preservation of our Culture. We look forward to see you soon at any of our community centers, Mas Camp, and virtual social media locations, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Sesame Vision channel on youtube.!


Working in school environments for the past five years I have seen firsthand how when a school community is able to synergize successfully it produces a community of successful learners. On Wednesday June 20th in a show of cohesiveness and support to our participants as well as our school leadership team the staff of SFI @ IS 211attended the graduation of our 2019 seniors.

I have attended on my own but the smiles on the faces of our participants and their parents as well as the surprised look of leadership to see not just the Director but staff present was totally worth it. To all the graduates of 2019 I want to formally congratulate you on your milestone, may it be one of many. Your village is beyond proud of you. The world is your classroom. I will leave you all with this....

Behind you are your memories
Before you are your dreams
Around you are the possibilities
Within you, is ALL you need!!!

We Are Hiring!!!

Sesame Flyers International, Inc., Center For Family Support Preventive Program is a small program that is making great impact with the families being serviced. The program has been in existence for over 20+ years. The mission of the program is to prevent placement or replacement of children in the foster care system, via case management services. The staff provides individual and family counseling, referrals, advocacy, etc., during monthly home, field and office sessions.

The Center For Family Support has faced various obstacles in the past, but remain steadfast in the community and committed to its mission. The program scored a rank of 7 out of 27 in the Preventive Agency Scorecard for Fiscal Year 2018. We expect greater things in 2019.

The staff includes Ms. Harte/Senior Case Planner (CP) of over 6 years, Ms. Ford/CP of over 6 months, Ms. Campbell/Office Manager of over 6 months, Mr. Osborne/Supervisor of over 6 months and Mrs. Rahaman, Program Director of over 7 years. We are on a committed path and remain dedicated to empowering our families.

The program is currently hiring and in search of candidates dedicated to child welfare. The available position is the Case Aid and Part Time Quality Assurance Specialist. All interested candidates can forward their resume and cover letter to Mrs. Rahaman at Come join our team, as we “Love a Kid Today and Everyday!”

Celebrate The Caribbean

Get ready for the voyage of a lifetime celebrating Caribbean history and cultures overseas and in our neighborhood through music, food, movement, storytelling, and more! Join us as we set sail through the Caribbean and enjoy art-making, explore our bazaar, and have fun with our special guests!

Our handles:
IG: @bcmkids
FB: @brooklynchildrensmuseum
TW: @brooklynkids



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