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Eighth Annual Scholarship & Award
Spring Gala on Thursday May 11, 2017















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On behalf of the Sesame Flyers International Family Happy Mother's Day



Newsletter Issue # 17
May 2017


Our 8th Annual Sesame Flyers International Scholarship and Awards Gala is almost here!

Have you gotten your tickets yet for the Eighth Annual Sesame Flyers International Scholarship and Awards Gala? This year’s gala will be on Thursday, May 11th, from 7pm- 11pm. The event will be at Giando on the Water, located at 400 Kent Ave in Brooklyn, overlooking the East River.

Join us as we honor individuals who have worked tirelessly to help our community. This year, Sesame Flyers International will honor Lowell Hawthorne, President and CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill; Tunisha W. Walker, Senior Vice President of Capalino+Company; Lucina and Wayne Clarke, founders of MyTime Inc.; Earl Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer of TWU 100; Kelly-Ann Ross, Sales Representative of Royal Wine Corp; Jahmila K. Joseph, Assistant Associate Director of DC 37; James Durrah, Chairman of the Board of Municipal Credit Union; Charlene Gayle, Principal of Macon Realty Group; and Carlisle Paul, Council Representative of the Carpenters Union. We will also be honoring three members of the Sesame Flyers community: Hyacinth Williams, Dalton Miller-Harper, and parent Jackie Joseph.

Additionally, we will award college scholarships to young people who have dedicated their time to participating in Sesame Flyers programming.

For more information on the gala and to purchase tickets, please email or call 718-693-0500. Do it before it’s too late!


Executive Director's Message

With the weather turning warmer and a new month upon us, Sesame Flyers International is looking forward with great anticipation to two events in the month of May: our Second Annual Youth Culture Summit, to be held on Saturday, May 6th; and our Scholarship and Awards Gala on Thursday, May 11th. Both promise to be momentous events celebrating and advancing the work of Sesame Flyers International.

With May also comes Mother’s Day, a day to reflect on the hard work and contributions of mothers everywhere. Our great communities would not exist were it not for the care, support, and guidance of so many mothers. They are often the bedrocks of our families, and to devote a day to recognizing their accomplishments is the very least we can do. On behalf of our Center for Family Support, we wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

Today also marks another celebration: May Day, the international day of the worker. The laborers of the world are such an integral part of society. They keep our streets clean, tend to us when we are sick, teach our children, and do myriad other things, all of which deserve our respect and thanks. And we look forward to honoring multiple organized labor leaders this month at our Scholarship and Awards Gala.

I wish you all a wonderful May, and hope that you can join us all at our Scholarship and Awards Gala on May 11th.

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Curtis Nelson
Executive Director


Meet Our 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

Sesame Flyers International is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Scholarship Awards. We take great pride in our scholarship awardees, as they are students guided by a sense of purpose and who value the community that has nurtured their academic ambitions.

Howard University, Virginia State University, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, York College, LaGuardia Community College, and Gettysburg College are among the schools which our awardees attend or have been accepted.

The recipient of the 2017 Chad Magloire Scholarship is Skia Williams.

Shanah Logan, Mayan Charles, Camryn Tross, and Taylor Caesar are the 2017 Melissa Hunte Scholarship awardees.

Jayda Medina is the 2017 Chairman’s Award Scholarship recipient.

Kia Culzac is the Jumoke McKenzie Scholarship awardee.

If you would like to learn more about our scholarship program, please visit, or contact us by phone at 718-693-0500 or email at

Our Annual Youth Culture Summit is this Saturday!

Sesame Flyers International invites all 7th-12th graders to join us for the Annual Youth Culture Summit on Saturday, May 6th at noon. This day is guaranteed to be filled with excitement, information, and fun!

The day will be an interactive, hands-on fun experience for our teens. We will have presenters and speakers who will share their experiences in fashion, music, entrepreneurship, and the World Wide Web. There will be breakout sessions where young people will be able to meet the presenters and interact with fellow teens on these various topics. There will be lots of exciting giveaways and fun activities from the time the youth step through the door.

The breakout sessions will be as follows:

The Power of the Net will discuss how our young people can change the world through technology, and how important their presence online can be and will affect them throughout their lives.

My Style, My Swag will touch on how style differs across cultures, generations, and genders yet how similar they truly are.

Building My Empire will discuss starting at the bottom of a career and building your way up. This concept is part of various success stories, but how often do we take the time to discuss the years of hard work that went into building an Empire?

My Beat Runs the World will discuss how music influences your thoughts, actions, and can just set the tone for your day. What songs would you say would be a part of the Soundtrack for your life to date?

This event is totally FREE!!!

Take a look at the Eventbrite Page! Click on the link and register today!

Remember parents, this is for your young people. If you are registering them please make sure to use their name, as all the printed materials will be based on the name submitted. Seating is limited therefore you must RSVP for the event by registering using the link above.

We look forward to seeing you on May 6th, 2017 at noon!

Doors will open at 12:00PM SHARP! Don't be late, or you might miss an opportunity for one of our amazing door prizes!

For additional information you call the office at 718-693-0500 or send an email to .

Change to the Sesame Flyers Team

Along with the changing of the seasons, so too have there been changes to our team. Aldwin Abel, a Senior Case Planner at the Center for Family Support, has been promoted to Program Supervisor. We also welcome our newly hired Office Manager, Alexa Pacheco, to the Sesame Flyers team.!

Employee of the Month: Ms. Ruth Harte, Case Planner

Ms. Harte joined the Sesame Flyers team in June 2013. With a background in child welfare, Ms. Harte was a perfect match to our team. Her dedication to our families is to be commended. In addition, Ms. Harte has voluntarily assisted with supporting the program during the 8-month absence of an office manager. We salute Ms. Harte for a job well done!

Position Opening For Preventive Case Planner

The Winthrop Beacon Center For Family Support Preventive Program is looking for a qualified Case Planner, preferably Creole speaking. The goals of the Preventive Case Planner are to prevent child abuse and neglect; keep families together; stabilize and maintain family functioning; strengthen families; and reunite children with their families.

Under the direction of the Social Work Supervisor, the Case Planner shall serve as primary service provider. Due to service mandates, the Case Planner shall be expected from time to time to work evenings.

The principal tasks of the position include providing direct services to individuals, families, and groups utilizing the Casework Framework Principles; carrying out ongoing risk and safety assessments of the family; making required home visits and collateral contact; and other job-related tasks and duties as assigned.

The position requires a BA/BS/BSW/MSW/MA degree, plus experience with troubled children and families in a human service agency setting. Proven clinical skills pertaining to troubled children and families are preferred.

For further assistance, please contact Leslyn Rahaman, Program Director, at 718-221-8880/8881 Ext. 2120, or Aisha Carr of Human Resources at 718-693-0500.




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