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Spring Fling Performance at
The Nostrand School

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Wednesday On The Ave

The Summer is finally here and Sesame Carnival in collaboration with Sesame Flyers International presents Wednesday On The Avenue at 3510 Church Avenue

Sesame Carnival Band Launch 2017
FRIDAY JUNE 23, 2017

The Band Launch everyone has been waiting for and talking about is happening on Friday June 23 at Crystal Manor

Contact Information

Cultural Center / Saturday Program
3510 Church Avenue . Brooklyn . NY 11203
Phone: 718-693-0500  |  Fax: 718-693-2007
Email Address:

Winthrop Beacon III Community Center
905 Winthrop Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
Phone: 718-221-8880  |  Fax: 718-493-7163
Email Address:

Sesame Flyers International
Center Of Family Support

905 Winthrop Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
Phone: 718-221-8881  |  Fax: 718-493-7163
Email Address:

Bildersee Beacon Community Center
956 East 82nd Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
Phone: 718-241-3847  |  Fax: 718-241-3849
Email Address:

SONYC at I.S. 211
1001 East 100th Street.Brooklyn.11236
Phone: 718-251-2051

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On behalf of the Sesame Flyers International we would like to say 'congrats' to two of our staff members on their new additions to their family



Newsletter Issue # 18
June 2017


Caribbean American Heritage Month

June is officially Caribbean American Heritage Month, and it is designated to honor individuals and/or organization that has demonstrated their selfless, varied and enduring contribution to the city of New York and throughout the United States at large.

Our Public Advocate Letitia "Tish" James second to the Mayor as the highest ranking elected official in NYC is very proud to honor Sesame Flyers International, Inc. with a proclamation during her Caribbean American Heritage Month celebration on Wednesday June 7, 2017. This honor for Sesame Flyers International, Inc. is for all the great work they have done over the past 33 years within the community.

Public Advocate James also honored seven (7) other selfless individuals from seven (7) different countries and from four (4) different NYC boroughs.


Executive Director's Message

This is the time of year that teems with excitement. Spring temperatures thaw the winter chill and the sun brings more brightness into our days. Students turn their thoughts from the rigors of school work to the joy of outdoor play and time spent with close friends seeking new adventures in and around the neighborhood. With a growing calendar of graduations, weddings, proms, baby showers, and the early Curry Que, the air vibrates with the promise of summer and the enthusiasm it brings.

Sesame Flyers is part of the excitement of Spring too! Our Beacon, SONYC and Saturday School year programs are winding down and we are gearing up for our Summer Camp Programs with lots of enrichment, recreation, and trips planned around our wonderful City of immigrants.

Already, we’ve had Family Sports Day, the annual event that brings generations of Sesame Flyers members and participants to the Old Boys High Field to showcase their track and field skills. The ladies have begun their early morning Health and Fitness workouts at Paerdegat Park with Coach Matthew leading the way. You should consider joining them. It’s a wonderful way to energize your day and share some smiles along the way.

We’ve just about completed enrollment for our Summer Youth Employment Program. Thanks to the Mayor and the City Council, there will be an opportunity to enroll additional participants just before the program begins in July. That means it’s not too late to become a worksite so that you can be a part of the job readiness training our youth require to be competitive in the second decade of the 21st century.

As summer approaches, it also means that Mas can’t be too far away. Be sure to check out our Adult and Kiddie Band launches for this year’s Carnival experience. It promises to be life changing.

Each season we are here is a chance to improve on what we accomplished last year: be more gracious, be more forgiving, have greater integrity in our interactions with others, and show more kindness. These goals should be our guiding stars as we wander through the galaxy on this spaceship we call home, planet earth.
Thank you for your support of Sesame Flyers International.

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Curtis Nelson
Executive Director


8th Annual Sesame Flyers International Scholarship and Awards Gala

Celebrating our 33rd anniversary as an organization providing community services to the children in the Borough of Brooklyn, Sesame Flyers International, saluted the exceptional achievements of several outstanding members of the Brooklyn community at our Seventh Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala which was held on Thursday May 11, 2017 at Giando On The Water.

Honorees included Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Lowell Hawthrone, Kelly Ann Ross, Earl Phillips, Tunisha W. Walker, Carlisle Paul, Jahmila K. Joseph, James Durrah, Lucina Clarke and Wayne Clarke, Charlene Gayle, Haycinth Williams, Dalton Miller-Harper, Jackie Joseph and our scholarship awardees.

On behalf of our board, members, staff and supporters, we sincerely thank all of you for your contributions to our Seventh Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala. We wish to congratulate all our honorees and to commend them for their significant contributions made selflessly to our community. We congratulate the scholarship awardees for their dedication and focus on their educational challenges. We pray that they complete their collegiate goals in a timely and successful manner. We wish our 33rd year brings peace, prosperity, and good health to our board, our members, staff, sponsors, supporters, well-wishers, and all those who continue to support this great organization Sesame Flyers International.

Bildersee Beacon 'The Vault'

Bildersee Beacon has had a successful After-School Program this Fiscal Year. To date we’ve serviced over 1140 members of our community. One of our notable success stories this year is our Math Tutorial Program, led by our Instructor Mr. Gilmore Thomas. We worked with the principal; Mr. Merve Williams to identify participants in our program who needed assistance in Math. We enrolled 11 middle schoolers. All 11 of our Middle Schoolers have improved at least one grade level. We want to that Mr. Thomas for his hard work and dedication to our youths. For our youth, we look forward to their continued growth and success and we are very proud of you all.

Summer Camp enrollment is still open for 6th-8th graders. We anticipate full enrollment to be completed by Monday June 12th. If you are or know someone who is looking for their child to have and amazing summer camp experience, please do not hesitate to have them contact us at (718) 241-3847.

For parents currently enrolled in our Summer Camp Program, please don’t forget that our Mandatory Parent Orientation will be held at 1:00PM on June 17th, 2017. We are asking that if you cannot be present, please send someone 18 years or older to come in your place. At the orientation you will receive the Parent Handbook, Program Schedules and Trip Calendar as well as your child’s Summer Camp Goodie Bag Package. We look forward to seeing you and having an amazing summer with you. Remember Summer Camp starts Wednesday July 5th thru Friday August 18th.

We want to thank all of our staff, participants, co-locaters, and community advisors for all making Sesame Flyers International, Inc. “The Vault” at Bildersee Beacon a success this year. We look forward to your continued support and commitment for the upcoming Fiscal Year.


Winthrop Beacon III Community Center 'The Lighthouse'

We've had a fantastic school year!

After the success of the Black History Month Showcase, we have been encouraging our participants to do their best and show their talents.  Now, we are approaching the end of our school year, our participants are
ready to show their learned talents.  Families, we will be celebrating our End of Year Show on the same day with our Parent Orientation for Summer Camp.  This will be on Friday June 16th at 7pm.

Parents orientation is mandatory. See you there!

Summer camp will be starting on July 5th.  Our theme for this summer is "Lighthouse University".  Thank you in advance for all your continued support!

Community Health and Fitness Program

No fancy gym equipment can compare to the clean fresh air, cool morning breezes and lush surrounding of Paerdegat Park on Albany between Farragut Road and Foster Avenue.  That is why over 100 individuals join us on a daily basis between the months of May and September to attend the Sesame Flyers International Community Health and Fitness Program with Coach Matthew from Winthrop Beacon III Community Center.

The program started on May 15, 2017 and continues each and every morning from 6:30 am to 8:00 am. 

So forget the latest trademarked exercise gimmick and make your way down to Paerdegat Park on Albany between Farragut Road and Foster Avenue and let Coach Matthew wip you in shape before the summer is over.

For more information you can contact Sesame Flyers International Hotline at 718-693-0500

Position Opening For Preventive Case Planner

The Winthrop Beacon Center For Family Support Preventive Program is looking for a qualified Case Planner, preferably Creole speaking. The goals of the Preventive Case Planner are to prevent child abuse and neglect; keep families together; stabilize and maintain family functioning; strengthen families; and reunite children with their families.

Under the direction of the Social Work Supervisor, the Case Planner shall serve as primary service provider. Due to service mandates, the Case Planner shall be expected from time to time to work evenings.

The principal tasks of the position include providing direct services to individuals, families, and groups utilizing the Casework Framework Principles; carrying out ongoing risk and safety assessments of the family; making required home visits and collateral contact; and other job-related tasks and duties as assigned.

The position requires a BA/BS/BSW/MSW/MA degree, plus experience with troubled children and families in a human service agency setting. Proven clinical skills pertaining to troubled children and families are preferred.

For further assistance, please contact Leslyn Rahaman, Program Director, at 718-221-8880/8881 Ext. 2120, or Aisha Carr of Human Resources at 718-693-0500.



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