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Sesame Flyers International, Incorporated
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Newsletter Issue # 21
April 2018


SFI Summer Camp Application 2018

Join us for summer camp! All 3 of our locations in East Flatbush and Canarsie will be having our annual free summer camps for children in grades Kindergarten to 8th grade Every summer our kids play outdoor games, have dress up days, arts and crafts and explore their world and imagination as we transformation our Beacon and SONYC sites into a wonderland of creativity during the summer month. Please use the following link http://www.sesameflyers.org/summercamp/form/ to download the Summer Camp Application



Executive Director's Message

Happy Spring everyone! As we step into the 2nd Quarter of the year I am grateful that we can take a moment to step back and look at the progress we have made as an agency. This month we celebrate our 35th year of quality service. I am amazed and humbled by the progress, strides and consistent road of excellence that we have been on since 1983. The road has not always been easy to say in the least. We have experienced many bumps along the way however Sesame Flyers stays the course and continues to be a leader in our industry.

In preparation for this special anniversary from 2017 we set up strategic partnerships, plans and initiatives that are now beginning to flourish into full bloom. Our goal was to grow, as well as develop our existing staff. We are committed to increasing our capacity and continuing to provide the quality programs that have helped shaped and sustain our community over the past 35 years.

Our focus on capacity building efforts have allowed us to bring on new talent and further hone in on our existing talent to create a more robust and innovative team. Our management team now reflects fresh and well as seasoned professionals. We have been able to create new programs throughout the agency that are bringing in a whole new demographic of people that may have only heard of Sesame based on our significant contributions to the West Indian Day Parade throughout the years.

In line with building our capacity we have created partnerships with other organizations to strengthen our impact at all of our programs. To name a few, Nike Zoom hosted two Basketball Clinics at our Winthrop Beacon and Step USA hosted their Annual Step Competition with us as well. Both events brought out hundreds of people in the community in a fun and safe environment.

I am also very pleased to announce that we will be working with G-MACC Inc. Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes in our Beacon Programs. G-MACC is committed to helping our young people stay out street life and discover alternate paths that lead to self-sufficiency and being a productive member of the community. These partnerships as well the additional partnerships that we are continuing to developing have expand our overall reach in the community. With great hope and enthusiasm I look forward to the year ahead. We will continue to allow the seeds we planted to bloom and allow Sesame Flyers to continue to rise as a trusted agency that brings quality youth and cultural development to our beloved community.


Employee Spotlight - Briana Bryan

Briana Bryan is an Instructor as well as an Activity Specialist for elementary school participants at the Bildersee Beacon I.S.68 site. Her exuberant, authoritative and nurturing personality makes her approachable yet respected among staff and student participants. Briana has shown improvement throughout her tenure as she is receptive to constructive criticism and places the needs of her participants above her own. She uses her diverse set of skills to create an engaging and dynamic environment for participants. Participants gravitate to her because of her compassion, patience and ability to identify and address their needs and concerns in an objective and empathic manner. Among staff, Briana’s sense of humor and natural exuberance provides comic relief after long challenging days of work.

Although she is one of the youngest members of the team, Briana has demonstrated maturity beyond her years, and is often tasked with keeping the participants in line so that the program can continue to operate efficiently. She is a very valuable member of The Vault and we look forward to watching her grow within the organization.

Congratulations Briana!

Community Baby Shower

Sesame Flyers in collaboration with Super Mamma Birth Services hosted a Community Baby Shower to support our newest mommies to be in the community. We have many women in the community who have a little blessing on the way that don't know where or how they will get everything they need for themselves and their baby. At event the mommies to be won raffles prizes ranging from playpens, cribs and baby tub sets. We also played fun baby shower games and gave each woman an extensive care package. Mini-seminars on topics such as breastfeeding, nutrition in pregnancy, staying grounded in labor, and infant care 101 were also taught. The event was a huge success and we look forward to hosting more in the future!

Sip and Paint – All Eyes on Pac

To kick off 2018 Sesame Flyers hosted our very first Sip and Paint event, and it was huge success. A Sip and Paint event is an evening where people come to create a painting they can take home and also enjoy a little bubbly while doing so.

We invited a local artist, Latifah Shadae to be our artist for the evening. We filled the Clubhouse with people from the community excited to create a painting all their own.

The theme of the event was Tupac. All of our guests left with a one of a kind portrait of Tupac to call their own. In addition we had 3 performances as well. We look forward to hosting more Sip and Paint events this year and hope to see you at one real soon. 

Celebration of English and Second Language Participants and the GED Program at the Winthrop Beacon

On a fresh crisp Saturday morning in March, Sesame Flyers in partnership with University Settlement and the Sports and Art Program hosted “It’s Never too Late to Educate Luncheon” in honor of the people in our community who are learning English as a second language as well as those working towards getting their GED. This was the first time this has even been done and the participants felt honored in this special ceremony. All participants left with special recognition certificates and enjoyed. We also honored the teachers of the program as in the picture above. *Due to some of the participants religious practices they kindly asked that photos not be taken.


Kids Korner featuring Winthrop Beacon III Community Center

The following students among the other amazing children we serve are very creative in their approach to art. We aim to cultivate innovation, creativity and vision. These art pieces serve as a reminder that art is important for children’s intrinsic self-value, as it promotes life skills that will be essential in their academic, social and personal growth.

Deanna Polin’s piece is the cover of her student’s journal at in our afterschool program.

Ingrid Beauburn’s piece expresses nature through writing prompts. Her piece is about flowers and what they represent to her.



Teen Corner - I Want To Work
Why 13 Year Olds Should Be Allowed To Work

Michael Pierre-Louis is a 13-year-old participant at the Bildersee Afterschool program. His favorite activities are Homework club and basketball. Recently, Michael inquired about working for the SYEP program for Summer 2018; however, the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) states that he is too young to legally work in the United States. Michael believes that 13 year olds should be allowed help the older staff facilitate activities as a part of their own professional development.

Studies have shown that adolescents learn best in active, engaging environments that encourage them to apply knowledge and skills they learn throughout the day. They value experiences that give them a sense of responsibility and purpose in preparation for adulthood. Teen interns and volunteers are an integral part of the Bildersee program; they are the support system for staff and younger participants. In exchange for their hard work and dedication, the interns and volunteers develop a work ethic that will help them throughout their academic and professional careers. Many of them eventually become staff, working their way through college. Perhaps Michael is onto something.


Upcoming Events

Happy 35th Birthday Sesame!
This year Sesame Flyers International celebrates 35 years of service! On Sunday April 29th, 2018, we will be holding our Annual Anniversary service at the Saint Augustine church located at 4301 avenue D, Brooklyn, New York at 11:00a. We will be hosting a brunch at our Cultural center at 3510 Church Avenue immediately following the service. More celebration activities will occur throughout the year. Stay tuned for more updates!

Youth Summit
Sesame Flyers International, Inc. is proud to host our 2nd Annual Youth Culture Summit on Saturday May 12, 2018 right here in our city of Brooklyn, NY and we are even more excited that teens from across the city will be joining us!

The theme for this year's Summit is "The Path." This will be an interactive, hands-on fun experience for our teens. There will be break-out sessions where our young people will be able to dialogue with the presenters and interact with fellow teens on various topics. There will be exciting giveaways and fun activities from the time they step through the door until the very end.

Grab your tickets on Eventbrite now. Under events search “Sesame Flyers Youth Summit.”

Summer Youth Employment Program
Sesame Flyers continues to support and strengthen the future of our workforce through The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). This program provides New York City youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with paid summer employment for up to six weeks in July and August. Participants work in entry-level jobs in a variety of industries including:

• Arts and Recreation
• Educational Services
• Financial Services
• Healthcare/Medical
• Hospitality/Tourism
• Information Technology
• Manufacturing
• Marketing/Public Relations
• Media/Entertainment
• Real Estate/Property
• Retail

SYEP also provides workshops on job readiness, career exploration, financial literacy, and opportunities to continue education and social growth.

To apply and learn more please follow the link. https://application.nycsyep.com/



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