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Newsletter Issue # 30
February 2019



Visions Coming To Life

Sesame Flyers is proud to announce that we have launched our theme for the West Indian American Carnival Association Day Parade – VISIONS! This theme is very special to us because it sets the stage for the future of Sesame Flyers.

In 2018 Sesame Flyers celebrated our 35th Anniversary and our theme last year, The Legacy, gave honor to our rich and decorated past. It was an opportunity for the agency and its supporters to pause and review all that we have accomplished in our 35 years of community service. We are in gratitude for all that we have been able to accomplish in the community and for our culture.

Now as we look to the year ahead, we are reinvigorated by the prospect of bringing to the people of East Flatbush, Carnarsie, and Brooklyn the many visions that we have for Sesame Flyers as a destination for youth development, leadership, and culture.


Executive Director's Message

Greetings everyone! 2019 has taken off to a fantastic start. I hope you are continuing to hold onto the visions you had for yourself at the start of the New Year. It is very easy to get excited and then quickly forget all the plans and ideas we have once the routine of the days, weeks, and months go by. February also being Black History Month is a reminder to remain focused and consistent with our goals and aspirations as our ancestors have. My commitment this year is one of bringing our visions for our community and culture to life in 2019. In this edition of our Newsletter, we honor the roots of our ancestors and share with pride the progress we are making in bringing our visions for 2019 to life.


Black History Is World History
By Kenyasoweta Bowman

Last summer, I had the pleasure of teaching middle school participants about African and human history. Their response was nothing short of inspiring. A lesson that was meant to last 30 minutes turned into a spirited two-hour Q&A session; the participants were hungry for answers, each answer I provided raised another question that demanded an immediate answer. It was an exhilarating experience that confirmed my belief that children learn best when they can personally relate to what they are being taught.

The month of February is Black History Month in the United States. It is a time when individuals, schools and other institutions acknowledge and discuss the many achievements of renowned black Americans throughout history. However, the term ‘black history’ is schismatic and inaccurate; it implies that black lives and black contributions are ‘other’ than the contributions of non-black races. This misnomer limits the scope of our ability to measure and comprehend the breadth and depth of how black ingenuity, intellect, perseverance and hard work has benefited the global landscape as a whole throughout time. Black History is not a moniker or a catch phrase, it is a way of life. History is not to be forgotten, it has to be crafted into a tool to empower ourselves, our children, and our communities.

In a time of political divisiveness and heightened racism in the world, it is important that Black Americans, particularly Black children, understand the significance of equipping themselves with the knowledge of their own history so that they can navigate through life with a sense of pride and purpose

Winthrop Beacon's New GIRLS CLUB Launched!
By Simone Warner

The Winthrop Beacon Girls Club recently went to visit the Bryant Park Ice Skating Rink. The girls had an amazing time. The girls fell a few times, but in true keep your head up fashion, they got back up and tried again. However, even with the amount of fun they had, Malia, Deanna, True, Angelee, Kimora, Jeniah, Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Turner all agreed that they would never go ice skating again! They are looking forward to their next outing!

Board Expansion

Sesame Flyers International is proud to announce that we have officially expanded our board of directors. In light of our theme, one of our visions has been to bring diversity to our board, and we have done just that. We would also like to thank our local State Senator Kevin Parker for attending our first meeting of 2019 and swearing in our new members.

African Dance Intensive

In honor of Black History month Sesame Flyers has been holding a special African Dance Intensive at the Cultural Center. This series is led by our Cultural Director Persephone DaCosta along with a six person live drumming band.

This class will continue through the end of the month and is held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 8:00pm at the Main Office and Cultural Center on Church Avenue. This class is the start of our soon to be officially launched Get FIT series at the clubhouse. We hope you will be able to join us. Please stay tuned for updates on our ongoing classes.



I Love My Skin
Shared By Liana Wilson

My dark skin I used to question,
thought of it with contention,
How will they see me and love me, when my skin says I'm not worthy.
But those thoughts were a myth
I was able to dismiss
replace them with knowledge then came my true bliss
I love my skin
See my skin is rich
passionately sun kissed
The image of soil, pure oil, coal
and all of Gods treasures like diamond and gold.
So I embrace my natural wealth
A reflection of my health
All negativity I have dispelled
I love my skin

Author Unknown


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