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Cultural Center / Saturday Program
3510 Church Avenue . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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Winthrop Beacon
905 Winthrop Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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Sesame Flyers International
Center Of Family Support

1060 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
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Bildersee Beacon
956 East 82nd Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
Phone: 718-241-3847 | Fax: 718-693-2007 
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Clarkson Compass
1060 Clarkson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
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Newsletter Issue #72



Sesame Flyers International Inc. 2023 Scholarship

Sesame Flyers International is pleased to announce the release of its 2023 Scholarship applications. The scholarships are supported in part by the Campbell-Nelson fund established by Dr. Camille Nelson a long time major donor. The 5 scholarships have different eligibility criteria, so please read carefully prior to submitting an application. 



Executive Director's Message

I am thrilled to share this monthly newsletter with you and update you on all the exciting things happening at Sesame Flyers International. I am overjoyed that we successfully held our first-ever legislative brunch. This event was an enormous opportunity to engage with our local elected leaders and discuss the impact Sesame Flyers has in the community. I am also happy to report that the Board of Directors met recently for our annual retreat, where we were able to come together and reflect on our achievements and make strategic plans for the future.

I am proud to say that our afterschool programs are thriving and truly embodying our motto of "Love a Kid Today and Every Day!" The dedication and passion of our staff and volunteers is truly inspiring. As Executive Director, I am committed to ensuring that Sesame Flyers International continues to serve as an ambassador of culture in our community. We are proud to offer programs and events that showcase the diversity and richness of Caribbean culture.

Finally, I am looking forward to greeting all of you at our annual Caribbean Essence Awards and Showcase, where we will celebrate our 40th anniversary milestone. This event promises to be a spectacular celebration of our organization and the community we serve. I look forward to seeing you there.

Afterschool Spotlight

Ms. Walker is a wonderful mother and very engaged in her STEM program. Her students are extremely engaged in class and make wonderful projects that the kids are so excited to talk about and share with anyone who walks in the classroom. Ms. Walker's students do not want the class to end once they hit her room. Recently, I can remember one student who was in tears because her parents came to pick her up early. I am always so excited to see what's next when it comes to Ms. Walker's STEM program.

First Legislative Brunch at Sesame

Sesame Flyers International held its first ever legislative brunch on February 3rd at our main headquarters and Cultural Center in celebration of Black History Month and our 40th anniversary of community service. The event brought together local, state, and federal elected officials to offer their support for Sesame Flyers and hear about our financial needs. The keynote address was given by Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, who emphasized the importance of organizations like Sesame Flyers International in creating a positive impact in the community. The attendees also enjoyed delicious Caribbean food and the opportunity to meet in East Flatbush, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

The legislative brunch was a successful event that showcased the impact of Sesame Flyers on the community and its continued commitment to serve the individuals and families in the community. The support of our elected officials shows the significance of Sesame’s mission and its commitment to providing much-needed services. Sesame Flyers International continues to make a difference in the community, and the legislative brunch was a testament to our success and impact. We are grateful for the support we have received. We look forward to serving the community for many more years to come.

Sesame Flyers International, Inc. Board Retreat

Sesame Flyers recently held its annual board retreat on January 14th, 2023. The retreat was an opportunity for the board members to come together and discuss the current state and future direction of the organization.

The day was filled with productive discussions and strategic planning sessions. The board members assessed the progress made over the past year and identified areas for improvement. They also discussed ways to expand the organization's impact and reach more people in need of support.

The retreat provided a chance for the board members to exchange ideas, share their perspectives, and collaborate on innovative solutions to challenges facing the organization. The energy and enthusiasm generated during the retreat is a testament to the commitment and passion of the board members, who are dedicated to ensuring the success and sustainability of Sesame Flyers International.

The retreat was a resounding success, and the board members are now eager to put their plans into action and continue to make a positive difference in the communities they serve.

Stay tuned for updates on the exciting initiatives and programs that will be launched as a result of the annual Board retreat.

Inaugural Gala for Assembly Woman Monique Chandler-Waterman

Sesame Flyers International, Inc. recently showed its support at the inauguration of Assembly Woman Monique Chandler Waterman. On Saturday, January 28th, an Inaugural Ceremony and Gala was held for Assembly Member Monique Chandler-Waterman at the Holy Family R.C. Church on 9719 Flatlands Avenue.  Her dedication to service and community was celebrated with performances by several artists.

We provided Steel pan music for the event, which was performed by the talented musician, Khuent Rose. The audience was thoroughly entertained and impressed by Khuent’s musical selection, making it a memorable event for all in attendance. Sesame Flyers International Inc. is incredibly proud to have her represent our district. Congratulations Assembly Member Waterman!

We’re Hiring! The Center for Family Support Preventive Program

Sesame Flyers International, Inc. Center for Family Support Preventive Program was not, will not, and will never be ACS (Administration for Children Services).

We are all employees of Sesame Flyers International and our program is contracted by the City to provide preventive services to specified Brooklyn community districts. CFS has been in existence for over 20+ years. The mission of the program is to prevent the placement or replacement of children in the foster care system, via case management services. Our staff provide individual and family counseling, referrals, advocacy, crisis management, and other services, during monthly home, field, and office sessions.

The Center for Family Support has faced various obstacles in the past, but remains steadfast in the community and committed to its mission. The staff includes Case Planners: Ms. Harte, Ms. Polanco, Ms. Cook, and Ms. Ogungbenro, Quality Assurance: Ms. Corbin, Supervisor: Mr. Osborne, and Mrs. Rahaman, Program Director. We are on a committed path and remain dedicated to empowering our families.

The program is currently hiring and in search of candidates dedicated to child welfare. The available positions include Case Aide/Office Manager and Creole-speaking Case Planner. All interested candidates can forward their resumes and cover letter to the HR department at

Come join our team as we “Love a Kid Today and Every Day!”


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