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For over a quarter century, residents of East Flatbush and Canarsie have relied on Sesame Flyers International, Inc. for year-round programs that preserve culture, tradition and values - and we have delivered.

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Winthrop Beacon
905 Winthrop Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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Sesame Flyers International
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905 Winthrop Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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956 East 82nd Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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Lamad Academy Compass
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Newsletter Issue #69
JULY 2022



The Commissioner Of The NYC Department Of Cultural Affairs, Laurie A. Cumbo


Honoring Our Difference
By LESLYN RAHAMAN, Director Of The Center For Family Support

The world is comprised of numerous similarities and differences. It’s easy to judge someone or a group because of a different race, religion, political belief, or sexual preference. We all have the right to be heard, seen, and respected regardless of those differences! We’re all going through the cycle of life and may be dealing with various challenges, triumphs, joy, pain, etc. It’s easier to get through it all together. Regardless of our differences, we all bleed the same color blood and shed the same color tears. Let’s take the moment to appreciate the differences that connect all as members of the human race. Hope you had a Happy Pride! Vote in the Primaries! Celebrate your faith! Honor and respect all races! Special acknowledgments to the clients and participants of Sesame Flyers. Thank you for trusting us to provide services to your child(ren) and family. We appreciate and value your various differences which continue to contribute to the uniqueness of our programs. Have a great summer!

Caribbean Essence Awards & Showcase Recap

On behalf of Sesame Flyers International we thank everyone who helped to make the Caribbean Essence Awards and Showcase a huge success! We are looking forward to next year as we celebrate our 40th!

Pan Jazz On The Roof Top - Come Join Us!
By MADISON GARRETT, Gen Z's Voice Editor & Chief

Sesame Flyers continues to celebrate Caribbean culture by hosting Pan Jazz on the Rooftop at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Saturday, August 6, 2022, at 6:30pm. With performances from some of the top Panists in the world including Andy Narell and Victor Provost Synthesis Quintet, the sweet sound of steel pan will fill the museum’s rooftop. Guests can also indulge in refreshments while listening to live music.

The producer of the Pan Jazz Show, long-time member, and friend of Sesame, Keith Marcelle shares his thoughts on the event. “The show features three outstanding panists. World-renowned artists include Andy Narell, Victor Provost Synthesis Quintet who have toured the Caribbean, North America, and parts of Europe, and Kendall K. Williams, a Brooklyn native composer, teacher, and pan soloist. Unison Steele is comprised of some of Brooklyn’s sharpest and finest players. This concert is part two of an outgoing commitment to Pan excellence produced by Sesame Flyers International. It is an attempt to bring the level of musicianship in the Pan community back to a high level. This show picks up where the new generation of Pan ended and will transition to a third segment in the future. This is a must-see event, one you must be sure not to miss!”

According to Ginette Rousseau Peterson, Member President of Sesame Flyers, “This Pan Jazz Event is our present reacquainting ourselves with our past. This steel pan is the quintessence of Sesame’s mission to promote cultural immersion, as we at Sesame Flyers are dedicated to not only celebrating but also sharing Caribbean culture. I am truly pleased that this event is taking place and I am looking forward to its continuance.”

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