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Winthrop Beacon III Community Center
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Sesame Flyers International
Center Of Family Support
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SONYC at I.S. 211
1001 East 100th Street.Brooklyn.11236
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Newsletter Issue # 23
June 2018



Sesame Flyers International Youth Summit

On Saturday May 12th Sesame Flyers hosted our 2nd annual Youth Summit at the Bildersee Beacon. We are very proud to be in the process of creating a new legacy with our young people through the summit. The theme of this year’s summit was “Finding the Path.” Our goal was to have our young people begin to think about and discuss their future while still having a day of fun. Participants of the summit got a chance to be involved in fun workshops and activities as well ask questions during a panel discussion with Yandy Smith-Harris, Majah Hype, and Young Devin. We look forward to next year’s summit and hope that you will join us!


Executive Director's Message

May is a special month for us here at Sesame Flyers International. We get the privilege to honor our Mothers for our annual Mother's Day Dinner and put the final touches on our vision for the West Indian Day Parade. We are also preparing for Summer Camp in our Beacon and SONYC Programs. We also finish enrolling our teenagers into the Summer Youth Employment Program. There is definitely a lot of excitement, love and joy around here as it is my privilege to continue to lead Sesame Flyers International into the summer season that is fast approaching.

Community Baby Shower

On May 31 Sesame Flyers International partnered with our neighborhood Caribbean Women's Health Association and Family Health Centers at NYU Langone to host a Community Baby shower. This is our 2nd baby shower held at the Clubhouse and things are getting bigger and better! Over 30 expecting moms participated in workshops geared towards healthy pregnancy and delivery as well proper care of a newborn. All our expecting moms to be were treated to a nutritious lunch for the day and left with much needed baby care items. Sesame Flyers looks forward to continuing our partnership and celebrating the joy of many more Community Baby Showers in the future.

Youth Spotlight

This Month’s Youth Spotlight is featuring 211’s very own SONYC Scholar Ms. Zara Pardo! Zara has gained this title as she has managed to achieve a 93.83 cumulative average achieving a 90 and above in all her classes. After congratulating Zara on her academic success I sat her down for a little interview and I would like to share it with our SFI community…

So Zara how does it feel to be on the honor roll?
Honestly I am not surprised as I’ve been on it before.

What’s your favorite subject?
I would say Social Studies.

Who is your favorite teacher?
I don’t have one. Ms. Michelle, my Math teacher and Ms. Van Patten, my Social Studies teacher.

What’s your favorite hobby Zara?
Dancing of course!

What are your study habits?
Even though I feel discouraged at times because there are things I may not understand I continue to strive until I get it.

What do you want to be when you grow up Zara?
A heart surgeon.

Are you looking forward to graduation?
That’s not even a question! (and she laughs heartily)

Where will you be attending High School?
Medgar Evers College Prep

What do you like most about Sesame Flyers?
You have a variety of activities to offer and when the state exams are coming up you guys are really serious about us attending Midnight Run.

What is something you learned while attending afterschool with us that you will carry with you?
That it is important to follow rules…The kids who misbehave and don’t aren’t on the honor roll.

What is your favorite memory with us?
We attended a basketball game at Bildersee and it got really intense and we won.

What will you miss most about afterschool with us?
The people, the staff, and you! *blushing*

Youth of today need stronger family and community supports. Here at SONYC 211 we aim to provide our youth with the encouragement, peer networks, and leadership skills necessary to empower themselves and make meaningful contributions to their community. Truth is, although my main purpose is to ‘help’ the children who participate in the programs, the rewards are far greater for me. I often find that I end up getting as much out of it as I put in if not more.


June Employee Spotlight: Jahlani Roberts

Jahlani Roberts is the Steel Pan instructor for the Bildersee Beacon afterschool program. His intelligence, passion for music and overall pleasant disposition makes him popular among staff and students alike. Mr. Roberts’ persistence, talent, and discipline have developed the Steel pan program immensely, transforming participants into amateur pannists within a short period of time. He has an innate understanding of how to connect with students cognitively and emotionally, creating a respectful yet friendly camaraderie in his classroom. This ability has alleviated some of the traditional barriers to bridging the generational divide between adults and adolescents, making Mr. Roberts an exceptional instructor and a valuable asset to the Sesame Flyers organization.

Bildersee Beacon participants are currently preparing to perform for our June 20th showcase.  For more information email us at sfibilderseebeacon@gmail.com.

Winthrop Beacon III Community Center Kidz Korner

Ms. Ingrid Beaubrun and Ms. Deanna Polin are displaying activity journals that they have personally illustrated to document and capture their reflections of the Winthrop Beacon and all activities that they enjoyed during the school year. Each student used colored construction paper, drawing paper, pencils, crayons, and writing paper to create these projects. The beautifully crafted journals were designed under the supervision of Ms. Dixon and Ms. Bruno. Well Done, children!

Sesame Flyers International Annual Mother's Day Dinner

On May 18th the men of Sesame Flyers International treated our Mothers to a special Mother's Day Dinner. With live musical performances and traditional Trinidadian cuisine it was truly a night to remember. Many of these women have been dedicated members of our agency for over 2 decades. These women have been an integral part of the Legacy that is Sesame Flyers International. Through their time and dedication they have made our motto Love a Kid Today and Everyday a reality.


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