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Newsletter Issue #76



For the 31 days of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), pink ribbons appear as the impact of breast cancer is brought to the forefront of national conversation.  But we know that to help those facing breast cancer, awareness alone isn’t enough. This October, get involved. Get screened. Make a donation. Take action. Make this BCAM about more than awareness.


Executive Director's Message


Despite increasingly colder days and changing of Autumn leaves, the warmth of an October haven at Sesame Flyers remains. In commemorating Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness month, this edition of our newsletter provides resources and information for those in need and I urge everyone to familiarize themselves with the essential tools offered. 

As we gather this month in support of those who have survived, and fondly remember those we have lost to Breast Cancer, it is important we remain mindful and diligent. The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Awareness Walk held on October 22nd, is a standout cause which remains close to our hearts. Our membership has been in the lead, and each year we eagerly anticipate seeing our vibrant community together supporting survivors and those still courageously battling this dreaded disease.


It is with immense gratitude that I announce that Sesame Flyers has successfully secured $2 million in capital funding which was announced at a recent joint press conference with local elected officials and CBOs. These welcome resources will aid significantly in much-needed improvements and renovations at our Cultural Center ensuring we continue to serve our community to the best of our abilities. Highlighting our youngsters’ achievements always brings a special sense of joy, and I am elated to share and highlight the success of a young man from the Clarkson Compass program, Joshua Germain as a shining example of the incredible potential of our participants.

As we journey towards the year’s end and fast-approaching festive season, I am happy to share the news of our achievements, the resilience of our community and the endless possibilities the future holds for us at Sesame Flyers.

Sesame Flyers Cultural Center is Being Renovated!

With the revitalization and expansion of our Cultural Center into a vibrant modern hub for the arts where our community can celebrate their heritage; our mission is straightforward: foster self-esteem and instil a sense of cultural pride through artistic and cultural programming.

The proposed renovation will create nearly 4,000 square feet of community space housing a variety of amenities, including a multi-purpose community room, dance studio, design and production studio, and more. The venture transcends brick and mortar and is about establishing a cornerstone for cultural learning, expression and growth in the heart of Brooklyn. We acknowledge the support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) with deep gratitude.

In a recent announcement, the DCLA, alongside Mayor Eric Adams and the City Council have earmarked this significant investment towards this venture under the city’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget with allocations of $1.5 million from Mayor Adams and $500,000 from the City Council. The development marks the first occasion of city capital backing for Sesame Flyers, aligning with our 40th-anniversary celebrations.

Mayor Adams underscored the essence of this milestone investment by recognizing the pulse of art and culture that Sesame Flyers brings to our beloved city. For us at Sesame Flyers, it is a resounding endorsement of our mission and a testament to our community’s significance in Brooklyn’s broader cultural landscape.

Joshua Germain a Role Model of Integrity

This month, we highlight Clarkson Compass participant, Joshua Germain, an 11-year-old Haitian-American, who has epitomized integrity and exemplary behaviour over the last year-and-a-half. While many incoming middle school students are learning to do the right thing, such skills come easily to the English Language Arts and basketball lover. Joshua motivates fellow middle schoolers and 6th graders with his mantra, "If you ever fail, keep trying and you will achieve what you want."

We at Clarkson Compass highlight Joshua for his integrity and character mindful that integrity allows us to be comfortable with our life decisions as our values and priorities align. Integrity is rooted in honesty, accountability and moral responsibility, traits we instil in our young participants as we equip students to become strong adult leaders.

A Spotlight on our Unseen Heroes

This month, we also recognize one of our donors whom we shall call “Kevin” - as he has chosen to remain anonymous. Kevin is a long-time believer in Sesame Flyers and our work in the community. He acknowledges that being a donor is a rewarding position and believes that by donating shows belief in a cause, with or without public praise. As such, Kevin trusts that making donations encourages others to follow suit without expecting any return. As he has shared, “Where Sesame goes, the community grows.” We are grateful to Kevin for his impact on our organization. Donors, anonymous or not, matter to our organization and we therefore take this moment to show gratitude to each and every one of our dedicated donors.



In Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In the United States, October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). During this month, individuals, organizations, and communities are called upon to raise awareness for domestic violence, intimate partner violence and all types of relationship violence – physical, mental, emotional, financial, and beyond – and to promote methods for prevention.” - Bing

Here at Sesame Flyers, the Center for Family Support (CFS) Preventive Program remains dedicated to serving children and families experiencing domestic violence. We provide individual and family counselling, referrals, resources, advocacy, domestic violence safety planning and assistance with emergency housing and shelter placement, to ensure the safety and well-being of domestic violence survivors.

Our program is open for referrals and assistance for families experiencing domestic violence and/or providing consultation. Contact us at 718-221-8881 for additional support and information.

Have a Say in How Community Funds are Spent

“The People's Money” is New York City's annual citywide Participatory Budgeting (PB) initiative which allows community members (that’s you) to decide on how to spend part of the city's budget. This democratic process is open to all – ages 11 and up – regardless of immigration status. Join Sesame Flyers International on November 4, 2023 to share your ideas on how the people’s money should be spent in our communities. Space is limited, RSVP by November 1st with your friends and family and have a say in where the people’s money should go.



Sesame Flyers International Advocates for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sesame Flyers International has long been a partner and supporter of the American Cancer Society as we uplift and cheer on those who combat this disease and stand as an ally with all survivors. On Sunday, October 22nd at 8 a.m., we proudly joined Strides of Brooklyn by participating in their 20th annual Brooklyn walk at Coney Island. For more information on the word of Strides of Brooklyn contact Keisha Sydney at


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