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Cultural Center / Saturday Program
3510 Church Avenue . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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Winthrop Beacon III Community Center
905 Winthrop Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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Sesame Flyers International
Center Of Family Support
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Bildersee Beacon Community Center
956 East 82nd Street . Brooklyn . NY 11203
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SONYC at I.S. 211
1001 East 100th Street.Brooklyn.11236
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Department Of Youth & Community


Newsletter Issue # 25
August 2018



Sesame Flyers International Breast Cancer Walk 2018

Sesame Flyers International Incorporated invites all walkers, runners and volunteers to come together to honor cancer survivors, raise awareness about reducing cancer risk, while raising money to bring hope to cancer patients.  Walk with Sesame Flyers International to help free the world of cancer.  Your participation will help the American Cancer Society fund and conduct innovate research, support patients and spread the word about prevention.


Executive Director's Message

August was a jammed packed month for us here at Sesame Flyers. As your will see in this edition, our Beacon programs and Summer Youth Employment programs were in their final month. We geared up for our Fall programing and were in the heart of the Mas Season. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated members, staff, and volunteers, Sesame Flyers has the capacity to consistently and effectively support our community with quality programs and opportunities for cultural expression and pride.

This year I was proud to see the Legacy that is Sesame Flyers come to life in our Summer Camp programs and in our participation in the Junior Mas and the Adult Mas as part of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association parades held over the Labor Day weekend. In my 20 years as Executive Director, my pride has never been greater than it is now to witness the distance we have traveled as an agency and to see the direction we are headed. As we continue to be cultural leaders in the parade that celebrates Caribbean heritage, and as a community based organization providing quality, free year round programs that support the community, I envision a future for Sesame Flyers International and our community that is vibrant, engaged, healthy, and compassionate..


Bildersee Beacon Summer Camp 2018

This past summer, the Vault at the SFI Bildersee Beacon hosted 275 youth participants for its free Summer Camp program. This year’s theme was “80s At The Vault”, which honored African American celebrities, music, and entertainment culture. Summer Camp participants ranged in age from 5-13 years old and came from many different neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn. Summer camp was in operation from 8am to 6pm from Monday through Friday. The children enjoyed various activities facilitated by 16 adult staff and more than 50 SYEP workers. Daily activities included: Cultural Dance, Hobby Quest, Steel Pan, Web Design, Creative Arts, Physical Education, Science and Current Events. Participants also enjoyed free trips to Luna Park and Active Kidz Long Island. On the final day of camp, participants performed in a 1980s theme showcase followed by an outdoor barbecue. After a fun filled active summer, our participants, their parents, and the Vault community now are excited for our Autumn programs to begin.

Winthrop Beacon Summer Camp 2018

With a big move to another building, the SFI Winthrop Beacon staff, participants and parents had no idea what to expect for the summer. Our hosts at P.S. 235 welcomed the Light House with open arms and helped to make the transition very smooth. Our participants had excursions to the African Burial Ground, Prospect Park, Central Park, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. While on site at our temporary home away from home, Light House participants were able to make battery-powered airplanes and learn magic tricks thanks to Hobby Quest.

However, the highlight to our summer was most definitely our end of summer production. Light House Participants and staff came together as one to put on an outstanding show inspired by the summer hit Black Panther. From the phenomenal acting skills to the amazing dances, parents were in awe! Our summer ended with our annual barbecue. Participants begged to stay as their parents came for them. Many expressed how much fun they had for the summer and that they could not wait until next year to return. Despite any challenges we may have encountered, summer at the SFI Winthrop Beacon was an exceptional one.

Center For Family Support 'A Success Story'

The “B.T.” (initials used for privacy of the family) case was originally referred to Sesame Flyers International, Inc.’s Center For family support due to a State Central Register report generated alleging inadequate guardianship, excessive corporal punishment, lacerations welts/ bruises. The child sustained a welt to his forearm. In addition, the child was diagnosed with Depression/ADHD. The child exhibited behavioral concerns in the school setting. He had a suspension. He was jumped / fought over a girl. The child was engaged in individual therapy affiliated with the Brooklyn Center. In light of the aforementioned, additional supportive services were requested by the Sesame Flyers Center for Family Support. The service plan included parenting skills enhancement, casework management/ mentoring.

Fast forward to the present, the family has completed all of the required recommended services. Mom is providing age-appropriate discipline of the child. The child remains connected to the Children’s Center and is receiving therapy and academic services. The parent-child interaction remains positive and the child is now adhering to household rules.

ACS is supporting the mother’s request for the SCR case to be expunged from her records due to discrepancies in the medical report that the child was not physically abused. The matter is still being addressed and the mother hopes to gain employment with children. The family’s case was closed in August 2018 due to successful completion of the service plan goals. The mother has since followed up with the SFI Center for Family Support Case Planner to give an update on the family’s progress. The family remains successful and will continue to check-in with the agency.


Sesame Carnival Make History On The Parkway

Sesame Flyers International in collaboration with Sesame Carnival presented “The Legacy” for the 2018 West Indian American Day Carnival Parade and it was nothing short of epic! The presentation paid homage to some of the most memorable and iconic Carnival presentations throughout our award winning legacy on the Parade route. While our Masqueraders were styled in some of our best costumes ever, months of planning, practice and rehearsals were finally displayed in our dance presentation for the judges in front of the Brooklyn Museum. Sesame Carnival’s Vision 150 was the largest dance presentation ever in the history of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association Labor Day parade.

Sesame Carnival trained approximately 100 dancers under the direction of our Dance Directors Persephone Dacosta and Kevin McEwan. Our dancers wowed millions as they performed along the parade route and finally at the judges section. This performance has gained the attention of masqueraders far and wide and well as the media. People are already looking forward to auditioning with us next year for a chance to be a part of history, once again! We thank all those who worked so hard and supported Sesame Carnival this year. We look forward to the year ahead.


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