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Newsletter Issue #75





Executive Director's Message

As the summer of 2023 comes to an end and autumn begins, September serves as an ideal time to recollect and ponder the special memories and experiences that will be long cemented in our hearts. I personally cherish the days of summer as an amazing and momentous time filled with a great sense of community and self-satisfaction. This summer has left a positive impact that excites me as I look forward to what 2024 has to offer. This latest edition of the Newsletter reflects on some of the special highlights of our summer programs and activities that embody the unity and collectiveness of community and culture.

I would like to extend a special thank you to our hard-working staff who extended both time and energy to make our summer programs run smoothly. To our cherished participants, thank you for always reminding us why we do what we do for our community. Without each and every one of you, our programs could not be as unforgettable and unique as they are.

I wish everyone a successful school year filled with wonderful memories and amazing achievements. Together, let us continue to create a warm and loving sense of community and family..

Sesame Summer Of Fun

The official start of Sesame Flyers’ summer is our annual Family Sports Day, and this year proved to be both fun and engaging with a focus on family, community, and culture.

Our programs burst forth with new and engaging activities during summer camp.

Bildersee Beacon made a huge splash by adding a swimming program at Thomas Jefferson High School. The students conquered their fears and developed vital life skills while enhancing physical and mental well-being fostering teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Winthrop Beacon program hosted a fun-filled Community Day that included all three programs filled with activities such as face painting, obstacle courses, water Olympics, and much more.

The Clarkson Compass program celebrated the talents and unity of its participants by showing how the arts have the unique ability to bring people together.

As summer progressed, we enjoyed our hugely popular Pan Jazz on The Rooftop. Now in its third year, the event continues to serve as a platform for both local and international musicians to showcase their skills while celebrating the rich musical heritage of the Caribbean. With the joyful atmosphere of The Brooklyn Children's Museum rooftop, Pan Jazz on the Roof Top inspired, entertained, and created a sense of togetherness that resonated long after the show ended.

We concluded our full summer by participating in the monumental West Indian Day Carnival for Kiddies and adults. This year the parade was televised after a 20+ year hiatus. We were proud to be featured in many of the broadcasts, providing quality entertainment and a deep cultural context and perspective regarding the importance of Carnival in our culture. We look forward to summer 2024!

Summer Youth Employment Continues to Soar

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall, we would like to reflect on the incredible journey shared with our 700 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) participants. This summer was filled with growth, learning and unforgettable experiences for both older and younger youths. This year’s program was hybrid with two days of online activity and one day in-person. Participants were tasked with two projects offering insights into various industries and a deeper understanding of potential career paths. Thank you to our industry partners: Nemika Global Wellness, EDIC INC. Single Parent University, Darker Shades of Ebony, Survivante Collection, Lishawn’s Consulting, Saint Gabriel's Senior Center, and Community Board 17 for volunteering to work with our young participants.

To all participants, families and our community partners, we thank you for your support and collaboration, together, we have created a summer experience that will indeed resonate for years to come.

Employee Spotlight: Takeia Mazyck

In the spotlight this month is Takeia Mazyck, an exceptional Step Dancing coach and cooking instructor at our Bildersee Beacon program. A Brooklyn native, Takeia, the proud mother of two amazing boys aged four and 14, joined our program this school year. Her impact has been nothing short of remarkable. Affectionately known as "Ms. T", Takeia has displayed incredible skills in teaching our young scholars the sentimental meaning behind the art of Stepping.

During spring break, Ms. T introduced eager students to the culinary world with cooking classes where she tutored them in preparing delicious snacks like homemade salsa and chips as well as delectable dessert dishes. Ms Mazyck’s charismatic character and expertise inspired her students to cook and Step with pride. As we eagerly embark on the new school year, we cannot wait to see what new surprises Ms. T will bring forth. Her creativity, dedication, and commitment to our program make her a valuable asset and Takeia Mazyck continues to leave a lasting impact on our young scholars and we are grateful to have her as part of our Bildersee Beacon family.

The Center for Family Support: Summer Review

Sesame Flyers International Inc. is a model development experience for families, both collectively and individually. The growth trajectory experienced in children and adults is simply phenomenal. Watching a child growing after a challenging chapter in his/her young life can rewarding and successfully achieved here. The SFI motto that proudly boasts, “Love a kid today and every day” radiated through my home. Hearing about the experiences of the children as well as seeing what they have accomplished is far beyond anything I could have expected.

Maria (11) took part in the I Just Want To Rock Summer Camp at the Clarkson Campus. Maria signed up for the intensive dance program which occurred three days of the week. But learning different techniques did not end once the day was done, she continued to practice at home and the dance class discipline motivated her to identify her continued interest in the arts. Out of this experience, Maria learned how to better express herself, and through this activity matured at an accelerated speed.

Enrique (15) Took part in our SYEP commuting to an actual work site once-a-week and enjoyed the experience. Enrique was able to interact with his peers virtually, and in-person. Importantly, he learned a sense of responsibility and took pride in all activities. Enrique identified his voice and it was clear that through SYEP, his voice mattered.

As for me, both as a parent and worker, I was on-site to experience how the SYEP programs work – not only to support a safe environment, but to alsocreate a beneficial space. Our children are encouraged to learn about themselves and their environment while enjoying the organization and varied programs.

Each summer, a decision is made by parents as to where to send your child, and honestly, after seeing the growth Invested in my children, I would urge parents to consider having your children experience the same growth. The summer programs will be back in action next summer, and I personally cannot wait to see what is in store.

In the event that you should need services during the year, Sesame Flyers offers Center for Family Support (CFS), a program that supports families. Referrals can be made to provide outside sources to benefit a family’s need. Individual and family casework counselling can also be conducted, and no involvement of ACS is necessary. Through community resources provided by SFI, our famiies benefits. Please reach out to CFS at
Have a great school year.


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