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We understand that part of loving children means presenting them with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, technology and equipment that will prepare them for the challenges yet to come. Sesame Flyers International's goal of youth empowerment is achieved and maintained through carefully structured programs designed to address the needs of our children.
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  • Bildersee Beacon

    The Beacon offers a comprehensive array of FREE youth and adult programs which provides educational, cultural and recreational activities for youths.

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  • Winthrop Beacon

    The Beacon offers a comprehensive array of FREE youth and adult programs which provides educational, cultural and recreational activities for youths.

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  • SONYC at 211

    The Beacon offers a comprehensive array of FREE youth and adult programs which provides educational, cultural and recreational activities for youths.

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Sesame Flyers International Latest News


Spring is always a gentle reminder of the amazing cycle of life. After the cold days of winter and the withering of the leaves, warmth returns and flowers begin to bloom. It’s comforting to know that we are governed by something greater than ourselves and that there is an order to the universe we live in, especially during times when it seems as though things are falling apart. Despite the many challenges of 2020 and the new issues we face in 2021, Sesame Flyers remains blessed to be doing the much needed community work we began, this month 38 year ago. April is also a significant month in that it is National Child Abuse Prevention month, a reminder of how much our commitment to “Love a Kid Today and Every Day” is needed in our community. As we begin the celebration of our 38th Anniversary, I look forward to seeing you virtually at the upcoming activities we have planned.

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Shara Lee is a 6th grader in our SONYC Compass Program. This program is designed for middle school students. Shara has been shining in the program as a role model of excellence and being respectful. Shara enjoys expressing herself and allowing her voice to be heard. She participates daily, interacts with the students, and encourages others to join the program. Shara loves art and is currently learning and mastering new skills with our art teacher Ms. Shyann - she is very excited. She has been using these skills on a daily basis to perfect her craft. Shara also loves to dance and sing and is fascinated with Legos. We are very proud of Shara and look forward to seeing her continue to blossom!

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We have grown. This year Sesame Flyers International celebrates 38 years as a Community Based Organization. Thanks to our founder Joseph Charles [deceased], and to all the founding members who had the insight and the foresight to form an organization which put kids in the forefront. Because of the tenacity and commitment of both members and staff of the organization, Sesame Flyers continues to grow from strength to strength and continues to serve members of the community and the surrounding diaspora. The organization has been very fortunate to attract several loyal supporters. We thank them also for their faith and loyalty to the organization. This Pandemic has spared no one and that includes Sesame Flyers. However, our fearless leaders, Mr. Raymond Luke, Chairman and Mr. Curtis Nelson, Executive Director of the organization have found innovative ways to keep our organization’s obligations to the community.

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Sesame Flyers had the pleasure of meeting David Stevenson when he was just 10 years old. He got connected to Sesame because of his love of music and Trinidad Carnival. David was given the opportunity to develop his budding interest in music in our afterschool programs. He went on to become a masterful drummer and learned to play the Steel Pan. He played and toured with us for over 10 years. In his time at Sesame, David grew to be a favorite amongst his peers. Due to his humble nature, welcoming smile and lighthearted approach to life, he was the kind of person that everyone got along with. Around Carnival time David would always stop by the Mas Camp and he continued traveling to Trinidad for Carnival, he was there for the 2020 celebration. David went on to become a New York State Corrections officer and enjoyed his job and co-workers. We bid David, our friend, brother, son and nephew farewell - until we meet again.

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Passion based learning so students can explore their interests within an academic setting.



Find classes that actually appeal to your child. They can master anything when it's fun



Make Bildersee your artistic home next season with our free after-school programs.



The Beacon Programs will be hosting an Open House to the community on Thursday April 22.

Love A Kid Today and Every Day

IN THE PAST YEAR, KINDNESS SUPPORTED PROGRAMS THAT SERVED OVER 700,000 CHILDREN IN 23 COUNTRIES. Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.


Posted 2018

Established In 88 was honored to attend Sesame Flyers 2015 Spring Gala. The night highlighed those making achievements in the Brooklyn Community.

Posted 2019

Sesame Flyers Executive Director, Curtis Nelson joins Daren Jaime to discuss Sesame Flyers International and its contribution to the community.

Posted 2020

Sesame Flyers International Incorporated celebrated BLACK HISTORY MONTH by putting on a showcase at the Cultural Center located on 3510 Church Avenue.

Posted 2019

On Friday, January 18th Indian Girl from (Sesame Flyers International – Winthrop Beacon represented India as part of DYCD’s 2019 Performance Festival.


Main Office & Cultural Center
Address: 3510 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718-693-0500
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Beacon Programs & SONYC
Winthrop Beacon: 718-221-8880 ext 1100
Bildersee Beacon: 718-241-3847
SONYC at 211

Center For Family Support
Phone: 718-221-8881 ext 2100


Colder Weather warmer Hearts Clothing Drive at the @SesameFlyers Light House. Donate your lightly used clothing

With support from the Herbert B. West Fund, @NYCService is helping out-of-school, out-of-work young adults get a foothold in city government.
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